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We are going to participate in the Special Joint Concert in Mexico in August 2018. On this Kickstarter page, we are raising money for mainly part of our airline tickets and accommondation fee. If the funds go above and beyond the goal, we would like to use it as activity funds in the future.
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2009年の「国際障害者ピアノフェスティバル in カナダ」をきっかけに2012年に結成。  



Even if not being able to talk well,

even if not being able to move the fingers well,

even if not being able to walk,

everyone can enjoy music.


There are a lot of friends who love music.


We hope to connect with many people through music.


Ribbon of the Sound consists of 4 handicapped musicians.

We had met each other at the International Piano Festival by People with Disabilities in Vancouver in 2009,

and took this opportunity to form the group in April 2012.